Offsite events

Off-Site Events for Businesses

Escape Quest is one of the few off-site escape room providers in Switzerland with specially constructed mobile rooms that can be set up at a location of your choice.

The Escape Quest team will be on site for the whole day and take care of installation, running the games and of course subsequent disassembly.
We will also be available for any additional questions and coordination of the event on location.

You can also create your own escape room experience with us: Just communicate your ideas with us and we will develop a game according to your needs and wishes.


Our Off-Site Scenarios:

Bank Heist

The mischievous counterfeiter and thief John Thirteen forged a precious statue to swap it with the original. You stole his forgery and are trying to get ahead of John Thirteen by stealing the original and replacing it with his forgery. You then have to escape before either the police, or worse, John Thirteen himself shows up.

We currently have 4 copies of this room available (playable by 3 to 8 persons each).

The Murder of Olivia Morgan – March 2019

Solve a thrilling murder case.

A Magical World – March 2019

Dive into a colourful and abstract world full of magical beasts and creatures

Armageddon – May 2019

Can you stop the meteorite to prevent the apocalypse?

Treasure Island (for kids) – May 2019

The mobile quest for younger players: Send your children on a treasure hunt!


Brain Unbox – Portable Quests to take with you

Brain Unbox is an escape room out of a box: Riddles, puzzles and adventure packed into a portable format.

Suitable for all kinds of events, whether it’s a bachelors party or a corporate event.
The boxes can be rented by you and will be delivered by us. The scenarios are designed for 2 to 4 players, but they can also be played as a competition between multiple teams.

Currently, we have 3 scenarios available in 2 difficulty levels (easy, approx. 30 min playtime and hard, approx. 45 min of playtime).


Personalized Brain Unbox for Businesses

In 2019 we are proudly presenting our new, customizable Brain Unbox developed especially for corporate clients. The content and topic of the boxes can be individually developed to suit the needs of you and your clients and / or employees.

Feel free to contact us for your personal offer.