School events

Escape Quest and Schools

Are you ready for a new adventure, combined with fun and learning ? Dive into the various stories of our unique quests. Logical thinking and working together as a group are equally important during the games, because escaping is impossible without teamwork and a flash of genius here and there.

Will you manage to solve all the riddles and escape within 60 minutes?

Tuesday to Thursday from 10 AM to 4 PM, if you book as a class, pupils play for the exclusive price of 20 francs per pupil and teachers can play for 25 francs per teacher. An additional mind/pop quiz can be booked and will cost 5 francs per person. Contact us for your personal offer (the billing address has to be an educational establishment). This offer is exclusive for Escape Quest Lucerne

Our quests are recommended for kids 10 years or older, however not all rooms are available for younger kids. Escape Quest is obliged to have a teacher or legal guardian present for classes up to the 9th grade.


Escape Education Box

We have developed a special box for schools, where children can learn and test their skills in an alternative way.

The Escape Education Box is a physical box made of ecologically friendly wood. There are 5 smaller boxes in each Education box, each of them locked with different locks. Each smaller box represents a “level”, which can be unlocked by solving all the tasks of the box before, hence receiving the code for the next “level” as the answer to the tasks. The boxes can be played alone or in groups of two. For the teachers, the Escape Education Box means less effort spent on preparing classes, but more motivated students on the other hand, because of the “Gamification” effect of the teaching materials. The scenarios for the different courses are all prewritten by us.

If you want to know more about the Escape Education Box, contact our Sales Manager via phone or e-mail:

Amanda Schmidiger
Tel.: 041 220 11 57