Abandoned circus


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20 Sep 2020

Once upon a time, there was a circus on the outskirts of the city. It used to be so popular, that the shows were sold out months in advance.
Then, there was an …
… “incident”.
The circus had to be closed, only temporarily at first, as everyone thought, but it never reopened. Police and other officials had been seen on the site, but no information about the nature of the events ever leaked to the public.
There were rumours though … about a tragical romance … and about a young key master, who wrote down the details of the events and hid them somewhere in the long-abandoned circus.
As curious and fearless urban explorers, it is now up to you to recover the key masters notes and find out what really happened back in the day, but you have to hurry! The city that owns the property still has a night watchman employed who passes by every now and then, make sure you’re back within the hour …

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