Lady Thompson

Friedenstrasse 8, 6004 Lucerne

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05 Dec 2019

Please beware that this room is located in the "Ibis Styles" hotel at Friedenstrasse 8, 6004 Luzern!

The once popular hotel has seen better times. After the death of the last owner, none of the heirs wanted to have the old building. After decades of it being vacant, the authorities finally decided to demolish the building. What they don’t know though, is a rumour that is still circulating amongst the descendants of former employees and guests: It is said that, in the old records of the former head concierge of the hotel, one can discover information on how to find a very valuable painting inside the hotel. As it turned out, one of the rich mistresses of the late hotel owner named “Lady Thompson” gave him this priceless treasure. He was very sentimental and could not sell this picture, the records say that he kept it in a safe deposit box during his whole life. One can still try and find the picture, however, in exactly an hour the demolition workers get to work and the hotel will be shattered to pieces. So you have to act quick, or you risk paying for this quest with your life …

Please note that certificates and Geschenkidee vouchers are not redeemable for this room!