The Warlock's Dinner

Staldenhof 2, 6014 Lucerne

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19 Aug 2019

A long time ago in the City of Lucerne lived a wealthy family of warlocks and witches, one of them being their only son Jacob. Since Jacob didn’t agree with the life and rituals of his magical relatives, the father put a curse on young Jacob and on the family treasures hidden inside the house, so Jacob could never ever get a hold of them …

50 years later...

To keep the curse contained, Jacob performed a magical ritual every year during the Christmas dinner with his family, without any of them knowing of its arcane nature. Now, Jacob tells his own kids with his dying breath to vacate the house immediately, for none of them would be safe once Jacob is gone.

Some time after their precipitous escape, Jacob’s son decides to return to the house with his magically gifted friends, to finally break the curse and get to the family treasure…