Brain Unbox is an Escape Room inside a box. Riddles, puzzles and adventures all packed into a portable format.

With our subscription you will receive a brand-new exclusive game that you will not be able to rent or buy at Escape Quest. With the start of your subscription you will receive an exciting game delivered right to your doorstep. Alternatively you can pick it up from our location in Lucerne. The following month we will deliver you a new game in a practical wooden box. The contents of the puzzles will naturally be hidden in such a way as to not spoil it for yourself. To prepare the box you will require only 3 minutes. After having solved the box you can hand it to your friends and family to play. To set it up for them you will receive a document with instructions to set it up in 5 minutes. 

Get your exclusive Brain Unbox subscription now. Be a part of a brand-new phenomenon!

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