• I tried calling and got no response

We are terribly sorry for this. We either are currently instructing one of the teams, preparing a room or currently not in the office. If it is urgent, you can contact us by email:

Zurich: hallo@escapequest.ch

Lucerne: luzern@escapequest.ch


  • I am claustrophobic, am I still able to play?

Yes. If you feel unwell we can leave the doors unlocked, so that you can get out at any time. We recommend that you play any quest other than Paranormal Activity.


  • I would like to gift someone a game, do you have giftcards?

Yes, for more information check the giftcertificates tab.


  • How long does the game last?

A game will always last for an hour. If there is no game booked after you, we can allow you extra minutes to complete the game.


  • What if we arrive late for the game?

In case you are late, we may need to deduct time from your playtime. If there is no other game right after yours, we will be able to grant you the full hour regardless.


  • What sort of clothes should we wear?

We recommend that you wear clothes that are comfortable and that you can move in freely.


  • What if I cannot make it to my booking?

If you are not able to make it to your booking, please contact us early enough to change or cancel the booking.

As stated in our Terms & Conditions (AGB hyperlink with http://escapequest.ch/p/65/agb), you will have to pay a fee of 50.- if you do not inform us within 24 hours before your booking.


  • Can I come by spontaneously and play?

We recommend that you make a reservation, however you are free just come by and play, as long as there is no booking for the room that you would like to. The availability of the rooms cannot be guaranteed. Please give us a call, in order to check games availabilities.


  • Do you have parking?

Lucerne: There are parking spaces available in front of the entrance. Should all of these be occupied, you will find additional parking spaces on top of the Staldenhof 5 building.


Zurich: Unfortunately, we do not have designated parking spaces available. We have blue zones that you can use on the road in front of our location. On weekdays and Saturdays you can use them for an hour, on Sundays you can use them as you see fit. Since blue zones are public we cannot guarantee that there will be free parking spaces.


  • Can we play with more people than the maximum limit?

We can only let the maximum amount of people as stated on the website in each room.


  • Do we get hints or clues during the game?

Yes, we will be watching you playing the games through our cameras. There will be a possibility to contact us at any time and to ask for hints and clues. We may also occasionally contact you to ask if you require any help.


  • Are we the only team in the room?

Correct, there will be no other people in the room with you.


  • Can I play alone?

The games are constructed so that at least 2 (3 for specific rooms) persons are required to participate.


  • What time do I need to arrive?

We ask you to arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes prior to your booking. We need time to give you instructions prior to the game.


  • Do you have toilets?

Yes we do have toilets.


  • Can we take pictures/videos in the room?

We don’t allow teams to take any pictures / videos in the rooms. After the game we will take a picture of your team with props found in the room. There is the potential, that if any pictures are taken inside the room, they could potentially spoil the game for another team.


  • Where can I find our pictures?

We would like to upload them to Facebook, but only with your permission.


  • Why should I play an escape room?

It is a new game and a new experience, don’t just take our word for it. Read what other people think on our social medias, Facebook and TripAdvisor.


  • Are kids allowed to play?

Of course we allow kids to play. Kids under 12 years will however have to be accompanied by an adult.


  • I would like to change my booking, how can I do it?

If you would like to change your booking, you can write us an email or call us. We can change any of the information concerning your booking. (Room, time, date and the amount of people playing)


  • What are the payment options?

We accept cash and card payments. The only card we can’t accept is the yellow PostFinance.


  • We are an English group, can the game also be played in English?

Yes, you can play the game in English. All employees are capable of giving instructions and hints in English. The game itself is available in English and German.

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