For Corporate Clients

Team Building of a different kind

Mysteries? Riddles? Detective work? Logical thinking? 

Escape Quest has been one of the first companies in Switzerland to offer "Live Escape Games" entertainment for corporate clients. We offer memorable events of a special kind, for teams of up to 60 players at the same time. 
5 Reasons why your next team event will take place Escape Quest:
  • Innovation - New style of teambuilding with a great fun factor;
  • Teamwork - Effective communication and collaboration are required to complete the quest;
  • Logic - Employees can  practice their problem solving skills with the help of logical thinking;
  • Creative thinking - No specific knowledge is requires, but creativity is a must - Think outside of the box! 
  • Adventure - Immerse yourself in the background stories of the rooms.
We are happy to organize your personal event in one of our locations in Zurich or Lucerne. Alternatively, you can rent one of our locations for a day, so you can explore our rooms exclusively and all day long!
Contact us today for your personal offer. 
Zürich:                                                                               Lucerne:                                                                                      
044 261 11 55                                                                   041 220 11 55                                                                                          
Live Escape Games

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